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Epic #-close... The Peacock Style Empty Epic #-close... The Peacock Style

Post  Peacock on Mon Sep 14, 2009 8:22 am

Author: The Peacock
Posted: Thu May 28, 2009
Post subject: Transfer from AFC to PUA in less than 60 seconds!

The other day (a fine and sunny day) I decided to walk to my bus stop from uni, and not catch the tram all the way down.
As I walked I noticed a fine young woman (HB sitting by herself on the state library lawn overlooking the street (this is in the busy city of Melbourne BTW)
So, as I passed I was deciding whether or not to approach.. in the end decided not to (very AFC of me, but it was very nerve racking! I'm sure you all know the feeling)
so a little further down, I stopped dead in my tracks, thinking to myself: "No! this is what every guy does, cos nobody grows the balls to do something like this, and they all just let these opportunities pass them! I won't be one of those guys! I wont be AFC!"
So I turned back, sat somewhere where she couldn’t see me as I decided if I was really going to do this or not..
In the end I decided to "Just Do It" (Nike slogan )
So I walked up to her confidently (flew under the radar, she didn’t see me coming) I approached to a little to her side so as not to be intimidating and I said:
"Hey, I don’t mean to interrupt or anything, I actually gotta head off pretty soon cos my bus is coming, but I just wanted to say that I thought you were really cute and I just wanted to say hi"
With pretty much those exact words (Special thanks to various pickup material for helping me better understand direct day game (its the best way in my opinion)
So HB8 was all like "Naww thank you..blah blah blah"
We got talking for about 15-20mins, and I wasn’t going to in the first place, but then decided to go for a number close, and got the number (pretty well!)

Called her the next day for a 2 min chat (didn’t wanna make it long winded, just enough to keep her warm – I wont bore you with what I said unless you really wanna know)

and then today out of the blue I get a text asking if I'm in the city today for uni, I reply that I am asking her what she's got in mind, then we arranged to meet up today (2 days after meet - it was her idea too lol yay?)
So we met for coffee, went really well, established good physical contact from the get go - I kino'd and she kino'd back, she displayed very positive body language, and we had a great convo about nothing really lol - it was just fun and easy going.
And then I walked her to her work (cos she had work after we met up) and the goodbye was pretty solid too..
a couple of prolonged hugs a bit of EC whilst in the hug, etc. I could've K-Closed, but i didn’t wanna rush anything, so instead we kissed goodbye on the cheeks a bit (if you say I'm stupid for that, stfu! I know what I'm doing lol)
and we parted.

I texted her later on saying that I had fun, I hope she did too, and that we should do this again soon, she said she had fun and agreed to go out again.. and that’s where I'm up to with it.
Everything going very well so far.

So guys, take that leap of faith into the unknown, and you wont regret it, in fact u may end up with a pretty hot potential gf

Author: The Peacock
Posted: Fri May 29, 2009
Post subject:

Today (Friday) she texts me in the morning again asking if I was free later on..
I once again told her that I was, and we agreed to meet up for some more coffee
So basically we chilled in a *secluded* booth in the coffee shop for a couple of hours. I was impressed cos she was pretty forward with the k-close.. so technically she went in for the k-close and I just followed on from it.

Prince_Obi wrote:
Just be careful not to postpone the k-close too long, we all know where that leads to Wink

That should be relevant to your above post Prince Smile Today was basically a few hours of hooking up at the coffee shop.
I'm pretty happy with this since i only met her like 3 days ago and already things are going smoothly... tis my first authentic successful pickup.. so yay for me

P.S - the first time I tried the "direct-cute" line, the girl was there with her fiance.. she looked young! lol.. so Shot down in flames 1st time, epic win 2nd time haha.

Btw, i was never a fan of the indirect "I need an opinion on something...", I agree that it may be more appropriate (and easier to do) in many situations, but I find for me personally that it doesn’t work, I cant really follow on from it..
At least with the direct SoI, you set the scene and dynamic of the relationship from the get-go, establishing that you are confident, direct, unashamed, and awesome!

ohh also, just to reinforce how important Eye contact is --> She was talking to me about my approach and all the other guys who have approached her, and she complimented me on the fact that I held good long eye contact.. and she also happened to mention that its like a "Piercing gaze".. this can be very powerful, like she is melting from the eye contact, very seductive.. So, Never EVER underestimate the power of EC!

~ The Peacock Smile

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