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Post  Comedian on Thu Sep 17, 2009 10:01 am

Hi Guys,

Comedian here. Thought i'd post something on Night Game. There are several differences between day game and night game.
I'll talk about a few of them in the coming weeks.

First up is the opener.

One of the main differences is going direct during Night game. It's a little trickier than during the day. The ladies may be the hottest, they've ever been (save for maybe their wedding or prom) but their on defence. Meaning that their bitch shields are up (a term coined by mystery i believe, correct me if i'm wrong), this means they are more likely to reject you than they are during the day.

Why is this you ask... One of the reasons for this is that women of beauty get hit on a lot! Believe it or not. Even more so when they are in a club. So they build habitual responses to counter the hundreds of AFC guys or the nice guys that approach them..

Thats why during night game Indirect works so well and why a lot of gurus swear by it.

Openers like
"Hey i need a female opinion on something, Do drunk i love you's count?" - credited to sinn
"Hey, is it acceptable to break up with someone over email? Reason i ask this is cuz a friend of mine *insert random guy name here* just got an email from his girl friend of 2 years that she wants to break up."

They're great for the fact that they don't telegraph interest right away. So you can slip in some DHV routines and build attraction before she realises that hey! this is a pickup.

The problem with that is that if you're going directly to the hot girl and asking for an opinion, most times they'll see it as a pickup because you could've asked any other girl but you came all the way across the room to talk to them.

Tricky situation huh?

Not if you have social proof! One of the most important aspects of night game!

The way you would work a situation so that you could maximise the impact and chance an opinion opener would stick is to open other sets around the Hbs you are really looking for.

Open a few sets of 6's or 7's around them. Look social, build up social proof. Once you do you'll get noticed. They'll be thinking whose this guy talking to all these people (chicks especially). The kicker is this. Hot chicks want validation when they go to clubs. They want to feel like they are the hottest in there. So they want high value guys to hit on them. If not they start to worry.

Once you have social proof you can open however you like. Indirect or even... yes direct!

This is where direct is the most effective. I personally prefer it to the indirect during night game. It telegraphs interest right away, and if you have social proof thats a good thing. And it gets you the furthest in the interaction.

If you work on these few things. You'll find that your night time approaches will be much more effective and will stick even better!

Hope this was helpful,

As always post your questions below.

Keep it cool guys,

The comedian

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