Things To Do During Mid-Game

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Things To Do During Mid-Game Empty Things To Do During Mid-Game

Post  Peacock on Sat Sep 19, 2009 2:09 am

Hey Guys,

Ok, i can't give you a script to follow during Mid-Game, but i can give you some things to do during mid-game.

They are as follows:

- Keep talking about things, just keep it flowing, conversation should be natural at this point.

- Tease Her. DON’T BE AFRAID TO DO SO!! This confuses her as to why you’re not flattering her like all other AFCs. You have to tell her (not verbally): “Fuck you, yes you’re beautiful, but I am much more important than you, my time is more valuable, you’re lucky to be here with me. I’m not intimidated by your looks like AFCs, I can tease you about it, and if you can’t handle it, get the fuck outta my sight.” <<

- Qualify her by like saying "OMG, just because of that, we can't hang out anymore! You had better be AWESOME from this point onwards. What can you tell me that's special about yourself that will make up for that epic fail before?"

- Connect with her, by sharing your experiences, listening to hers, commenting on them, agreeing where you agree, and disagreeing (politely and with a bit of humour) wherever you disagree.

- ALSO remember to occasionally touch her on the arm as you guys are talking, etc. (Book a lesson with us so we can actually demonstrate this stuff to you)

That should get you thinking for now. Post your tips also Smile

Peacock Smile

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