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#-Close without a verbal opener.. Empty #-Close without a verbal opener..

Post  Peacock on Mon Sep 21, 2009 5:28 am

Hey guys,

Today i got a #close at melbourne central foodcourt.

I was with Fearless and Comedian, finishing off a healthy burger from mcdonald's.. talking loudly and confidently with my two wings and business partners Razz

There were rows of tables and chairs and the place was pretty full. I noticed a 2-set making solid EC with me.
At one point, the girl who was to be my target made eye contact with me, and i smiled, and she smiled back (best feeling in the world when this happens!)

So, i tell my two wings to essentially "fuck off" whilst i make my move Razz

they leave, and i pretend to be on my phone for a lil bit, before making more EC. I locked eyes with my target, smiled, and motioned her to come over and sit down at my table with a kind of 'come hither' motion and then pointing at the empty seats on the other side of my table.
She turns to her friend giggling, talking for about 3-4 more seconds.. and then, surely enough, they get up and come and sit at my table.
I didnt even have to spit an opener, my target came and sat down first, and was all like "hi! Smile" and i was thinking, GAME ON giggity!

we all got talking for a while and i was total alpha confident male, leading the conversation.

Long story short (cos the opener was the most interesting part), i turned to my target after a long-ish interaction with both of them, and said "i'm gonna wish you happy birthday, when was it again? next week?" (she had told me earlier on in the interaction that her birthday was next week, so i used that to close her).
As soon as i dialed "04" in my phone and handed it to her, i immediately turned ALL attention to the obstacle and distracted her with some talk about a tram fine i have to pay. In essence, i 'winged' myself, distracting the obstacle whilst closing the target.

I'll keep you guys posted on how it goes, i'mma call her tomorrow and take things from there.. she was about a HB-8, so pretty psyched Smile

Peacock Smile

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#-Close without a verbal opener.. Empty Re: #-Close without a verbal opener..

Post  Mr Trixx on Mon Sep 21, 2009 11:46 am

great job mate Very Happy
Mr Trixx
Mr Trixx

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