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GeleRabbit coming in

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GeleRabbit coming in Empty GeleRabbit coming in

Post  GeleRabbit on Fri Sep 18, 2009 2:39 am

Hey Studs

Im gonna introduce myself .. bounce
I am GeleHaas. I live in Holland and I am learning pick up since as early as 2006 (!). I started with david deangelo, and started to look up more about that shit online.

I do not know if it actually changed my life, cuz I always had this button in my head like I dont give a fuck. But when I got my first girlfriend, I wanted more GF's so thats when I started really reading up on the materials online.

I have never cheated though, but I do push my limits Laughing

It has helped me when I was really AFC with my girlfriend, doing everything for her. She broke up with me, and I saw it coming. It follows protocol, and thanks to pick up guys online I managed to get her back I love you And I have sworn to myself, I will never be AFC again.

well, Talk to you guys on the boards cheers !!


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GeleRabbit coming in Empty :)

Post  Peacock on Fri Sep 18, 2009 2:48 am

Heyyyyy Gele!
my main man(there's some social proof for ya dude!) Wink Glad to see you on the forums dude, post that night game routine of yours in the Night Game Section, it was a pretty cool and simple routine Razz

Enjoy the forums and keep posting!

Peacock Smile

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