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Two kiss closes, one night

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Two kiss closes, one night Empty Two kiss closes, one night

Post  Mr Trixx on Sat Sep 19, 2009 4:58 pm

I must have bee high on adrenaline the way i opened my first set of the night. my boys and I had been at a local hip hop concert when i sported one of my super fly cousins(shes 9!!! and shes also my cousin Crying or Very sad) i had a great opportunity to use her a to gain heaps of social value, i totally ignored every girl(while notice all the ones that were noticing me) and show my cousin a great time to the point where she decided to introduce me to a couple of her hot friends. much later, i told her i had to get back to my friends. just as a stand up to leave, one of my cousins friends decides she want to got to the bath room Surprised without making it obvious i realized an opportunity to find out what she was thinking, we a bit of fluff talk before we reached the bathroom, i felt i was ruing out of time, all i had was 1 IOI (her standing up to walk with me to the bathroom) even though i wasn't quite sure if it even counted, i had to take a chance, that's just the super mood i was in!! Cool we got the part were she enter the loo and i take my way to meet with my friend, but she wouldn't go into the freekin bathroom, there we go, a 2nd IOI !!! i came loser to here keeping a soft gaze, she didn't back down, she licked eyes with me DING DING DING strike 3, now i kissed her, no words..just passionate mouth to mouth resuscitation for about a minute then i pulled out Cool , all i said as i handed her my phone so she could store her digits was "you like me don't you" Laughing after that i met up with my friends. we left the concert and headed for the lil club not too far from where we had been. my next move on this short blond 8set was almost effortless, she was one of the girls i had noticed eying me back when i was with my cousin. i walked up to her on the dance floor..busted a few moves(im not any good at dancing, this made things even more fun) then gently led her to an abandoned corner of the club(it was no use trying to have a conversation there was too much noise) danced with our bodies touching(Kino kino kino). i asked her if she always has to get on her toes to get a kiss Smile she never replied with words...she kissed me cyclops i kissed her back and she kissed me cyclops i kissed her back and we sort of had this whole kiss me i kiss you thing going on, it was simple amazing i tell ya! she was there with her brother and his girlfriend, i so wanted to take her home..but i had my boys to take care of and she had a drunk brother and his useless girlfriend as she put it. to a great night i wont forget any time soon 18 September 2009 signing out..

Mr Trixx Cool
Mr Trixx
Mr Trixx

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Two kiss closes, one night Empty Re: Two kiss closes, one night

Post  Peacock on Sat Sep 19, 2009 10:40 pm

wow, that's epically awesome dude!

I like your little "do u have to get on you toes to kiss me thing".. i might use that actually, cos i'm a tall guy.. very nice Smile

Keep sarging you lil pimp!


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