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Some Basic Concepts of the Game Empty Some Basic Concepts of the Game

Post  Comedian on Tue Sep 15, 2009 1:22 am

Hi guys,

Today I'd like to talk about some of the basics of getting into the game. Now if you're a veteran Pua or someone that already has a good amount of knowledge about the game, this may not appeal to you. Even so try to add some points that you feel are relevant below.

So lets get into it.

The world of game is a fairly new phenomenon, It wasn't too long ago that small groups of people got together in their basements to figure out the tactics of attraction and seduction.

This is a great time to be in the world of game as, knowledge of the community is more accessible than ever, here are some tips and tricks to get you started.

The main structure of most interactions goes like this.


DHV routine/Qualification

Break Rapport (we call these negs)

Isolate target/Build Comfort/Kino

Sexual escalation/Last Minute Resistance (LMR)


Today i'm going to talk about the Opener and A little bit about approach anxiety. Stay tuned as i post more about these phases in the coming weeks

An opener is basically a line used to initiate an interaction with someone (most likely the person you are interested in)

Many people put a huge emphasis on the opener. The thing you have to realise is that the opener is not all that important. It's a mechanism which allows you to transition further in the interaction, get your foot in the door if you will. Believe it or not the most important aspect of the opener isn't really the line itself. Anyone that's been in pickup for a while will tell you that they've opened with a bunch of different lines from really deep to outright silly, with similar results.

The most important part of the opener is body language. It's all about delivery. The whole package. Wink

A simple example of an opener is

"You're a girl"
"I need a female opinion of something, Is it fair to break up with someone through email?"

To give credit where credit is due the first line "you're a girl" i heard from Sinn. A great pua and an amazing teacher.

This is an example of an opinion opener. Opinion openers are less risky than Direct openers. They have a smaller chance of it being rejected as a pickup as it doesn't telegraph interest.

Now with my point earlier about body language. I've seen a number of guys use this opener. On one hand, A person using this opener will see them get great results. On the other hand some guys will get really negative results.

Why is this? Well as i've come to realise, it's all about Delivery.

The guy with the positive result, is standing straight and alpha. (back straight and not leaning into the conversation). He has a big smile on his face (smiles are one of the most attractive qualities women see in men). His voice has a positive tone to it and is clear (don't speak too soft or too loud. Try to gauge by talking at a volume that would reach one person behind who you are talking to). This is a good formula to make sure you don't get rejected with your opener.

The guy who gets negative results, Slouches, is reserved, he is leaning into the conversation (leaning telegraphs neediness) and isn't speaking loud and clearly. Don't be this guy!.

Take this advice into account and you'll be approaching and opening successfully.

Here are a few more openers for you to try out in the coming weeks.

This is a functional opener

"Hey do you by any chance know where the nearest borders is?"
"I've been meaning to pick up this book on *insert type of book that would intrigue the target*"

And here's for all the brave newbies who want to try out a Direct Opener

"Hey i saw you from over there and thought you were really cute, so i came over here to see what you're all about"

There you go guys, hope you enjoyed this post. Don't forget to post your results or any questions you may have below.

If you're interested in learning more about The Game and improving your impact on Women. Book a consultation day with the Seduction Society instructors by emailing us at

Keep it cool guys

The Comedian

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Some Basic Concepts of the Game Empty Re: Some Basic Concepts of the Game

Post  evade on Sun Sep 20, 2009 6:12 am

Nice post, sums up openers well Smile

Another kind of opener which happens to be also my favourite is the Situational Opener.

A Situational Opener is basically anything involving the surroundings you are in. These are in the moment openers and because of that come off as less canned and more natural, after all you have to make them up there and then. But an opener can be anything, really. Me and a few buddies play this game in town where one person will have to approach a pre-selected target and another person will come up with an opener they must use. The crazier and weirder the better! All the guy approaching has to do is go up and say the opener. That's it. You can exit as soon as you do but usually the conversation is funny as hell and keeps going. This game shows that it doesn't matter what you open with, you can still pick up (I got a number close with the opener "Hey, I have herpes" once) and also helps eliminate AA.


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Some Basic Concepts of the Game Empty :)

Post  Peacock on Sun Sep 20, 2009 6:16 am

Yes, i feel most comfortable and natural using Situational openers.
I much prefer these to Canned lines, but the odd Canned Direct Line can't hurt Razz

haha nice line btw, "Hey i have herpes".. i dont think u should follow that number close up.. if she's into herpes.. She might feel comfortable with you cos she may have had Chlamydia.. just a thought Smile


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Some Basic Concepts of the Game Empty Re: Some Basic Concepts of the Game

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